Hillside Church

Website Design

Sparkability had the opportunity to work with Hillside Church on a complete revamp of their site. Working closely with their designer and members of multiple teams across their organizaiton, we were able to help make their vision a reality. With a focus on helping its members dive deeper, Hillside reached out to Sparkability to create a website with deeply integrated personalization. Across the project we were able to innovate new ways of using Rock to deliver content and a sleek user experience.

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Fully Powered by Rock

A personalized member experience was designed and developed to enhance delivery of information to all individuals using the site. The site delivers information based on individual involvement and engagement with the ministry.


Taking Messages to the Next Level

Our team worked with Hillside to provide a dynamic solution for their broadcast messages. Once again utilizing personalization, our team was able to dynamically select a broadcast location based on the member's campus.

The Power of Dynamic Data

By using dynamic data, our team was able to delivery on Hillside's vision of single pages that display new content based on user input.

What's Under the Hood

Once an individual has logged into the site, they are guided through steps laid out by the ministry using badges.
By making use of attributes and content channels, our team was able to fully populate the campus pages with dynamic data for each campus.
Our team was able to dynamic Local and Global Missions opportunities for each individual campus
A campus search tool was created to allow an individual to find the church campus nearest to their location.