The Creek Church

Website Design

The Creek was a custom project that reached further than the needs of their ministry, establishing a new home for all in Indianapolis. and a resourceful and supportive connection for their community.

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The Creek Church

Brock Pickett

Communication Director
I have been delighted by each step of the process working with the team at Sparkability Group. Sure, they’re building a technically sound, fully capable, dynamic, beautiful site. But what I’m really pleased with is the attention they pay to how this site will engage with users and will, in some way, share the Gospel with them. I love their desire to grow the Church through their knowledge of technology. I couldn’t recommend them more.

Personalized Dashboard

Improved Profile Page

A personalized dashboard was designed and developed to enhance the member experience. The Personalized Dashboard pulls user information to track their involvement and engagement with the ministry.


Funnel Pages

Areas of Focus

In alignment with The Creek's areas of focus declared, we delivered funnel pages that were specifically designed and developed to to connect each member in every phase of their journey.

Other Features

Custom Builds for Better Control

The Creek website project included many custom features to help their teams carry out their every day internal duties and to provide their attendees with all the necessary information on their public site.

What's Under the Hood

We provided a condensed, animated menu that prioritizes the areas of focus and provides a branded animation for additional items. With the minimized content, search and call to action functions fit perfectly. The sticky menu feature allowed an improved user experience when navigating through the site.
Page templates and blocks design and functionality were dynamically set with content channels, channel attributes and page attributes.
A range of content items and video players were enabled through a content channel that powers both a landing page layout and a dynamic design page. A stories content channel powered both a landing page layout and a dynamic design page allowing multiple items, content and video players to be presented.
The site-wide event slider pulls relevant events based on campus and filters.